I'm still in Sophomore year at the

An generalist French engineering school in Sceaux.

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Interested in my skills ?

I still have some spare time, and would be pleased to help you.

Here's my CV
  • I grew up in 5 different countries

    I'm presently fluent in French and English. And a bit of Spanish and Rusian.

  • I'm a bit of a nerd.

    In my spare time i mastered C, Javascript, Basic, C. And some linux stuff, pentest, etc..

  • I'm good in Graphism too

    2D, 3D, I'm good with all the Adobe Creative Suite and 3Ds Max.

  • I've been a boyscout

    Seriously, it rocks.

But I already have many Projects !

Star Wars ARCADE
Android Game

I created the first Star Wars Android Game in 2012 by myself.
After a copyright strike from LucasArts, I had to stop the development. 200 000 people downloaded the app.

My Special effects Channel

Some experimentations I did with the Adobe Creative Suite. Looks old, but still worth a look.

Get in touch with me !

Let's work together.